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In the world of business, there is the ideal world… and there is the real world. In the ideal world, individuals and parties make agreements that mutually benefit all parties. But in the real world, these agreements often break apart, leading to corporate and/or shareholder disputes.

There are many kinds of corporate disputes. These include breach of contracts, partnership and shareholder disagreements, confidentiality agreement breaches, landlord- tenant disputes, non-compete claims, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, even embezzlement and conspiracy.

Corporate disputes pose complex and challenging problems that require special attention. That’s because they can often be critical to the survival of the businesses involved. Small businesses are especially vulnerable. And no two corporate disputes are alike. Maybe it’s a corporation suing a shareholder for breach of contract. Or perhaps a businessman is in dispute over a purchase contract with a vendor. Or a company decides to take action against an insurance company who refuses to pay a claim.

Here are several common corporate disputes:

Breach of Contract — A breach of contract occurs when two parties enter into a binding contract yet one party fails to live up to its agreement. A breach can occur when a party neglects to perform its duties in accordance with the agreement, or does not perform at all. You may have entered into a contract with another party that has been breached, or you may have been wrongfully accused of violating a contract. In either case, you have rights to protect against a breach and the ability to recover losses.

Fraud — You or your business many have been involved in a scheme, scam or misrepresentation of facts from a vendor, supplier, partner or even employee. Embezzlement and conspiracy are also other types of fraud that often end up in litigation. If your business is the victim of fraud, you’ll have the right to recover from any losses you may have accrued. You may also be able to seek damages.

Trade Secret Misappropriation — An employee, vendor, or supplier may have violated a specific non-compete or non-compliance agreement. This usually refers to a specific product, but trade secret protection can also refer to customer lists and contacts. Patent and trademark violations could also be included.

Real Estate Disputes — This can run the gamut, anything from landlord-tenant disputes, to title claims, breach of contract between buyers and sellers of commercial property, failure to disclose known issues and construction defect litigation.

All of these disputes present complex challenges that ultimately can be detrimental to your company. That’s why if you or your company faces litigation, or wishes to take action against another party, your first priority should be securing professional representation.

My firm has been helping business owners, shareholders and partners resolve corporate disputes in the Baltimore-Washington area for more than 20 years. Our mission is simple: Provide sophisticated, personal attention to every detail of your case in order to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

We represent privately held corporations, general and limited partnerships, LLCs and individuals. In addition, our extensive experience and aggressive approach means we reach the desired outcome for our clients.

We also have a deep understanding of how businesses operate. Large businesses operate differently than small businesses. Our experience helps us find effective solutions for our clients – regardless of their size and problem. It is always best to avoid litigation if possible. But if litigation becomes the only alternative, we act quickly and resolutely to protect our clients rights.

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