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Medical Malpractice

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Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer Joseph H. Ostad represents patients who were injured while under the care of their healthcare provider. While patients expect their doctors and nurses to deliver a level of care consistent with professional standards, some medical providers fail to meet this standard with disastrous results.

If you suspect that the reckless act or intentional misconduct of a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, hospital, or other health care provider has injured you, you may consider filing a medical malpractice claim. The parties responsible for your injuries may owe you compensatory damages, such as the payment of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.

Grounds for a medical malpractice include the following acts of negligence:

  • missed or delayed diagnosis,
  • failure to obtain a patient’s informed consent,
  • anesthesia errors,
  • surgical injuries,
  • obstetric/labor and delivery surgical injuries,
  • orthopedic surgical injuries,
  • improperly prescribed, dispensed or filled medication, and
  • patient neglect and nursing home abuse.

Medical malpractice injuries can disable you for life. My firm understands the consequences of medical malpractice and works to ensure that insurers and liable parties pay your past and future medical bills and that you receive sufficient compensation for lost wages or diminished earnings. Let me discuss the circumstances of your case and present with your available legal options. As you recover from the physical effects of your injury, allow my firm to attend to your legal needs to secure an appropriate resolution to your medical malpractice claim.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a Baltimore or Washington, D.C. doctor, hospital or clinic, contact me online or call me at 1-800-320- 0080 to set up a FREE consultation.

Client Reviews

Mr. Ostad is professional, helpful, and a master in his field. I recommend 100%. Best Lawyer serving Maryland.

Gabriel R.

Mr. Ostad is professional, helpful, and a master in his field. I recommend 100% for anyone needing legal advise for your corporate needs. Wonderful office to deal with.

Kristen P.

Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable law firm. My legal matter was resolved in an amicable manner with one year of my accident. I highly recommend this firm.

Dawn T.

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