Pedestrian Accidents

[pedestrian photo]Baltimore lawyer Joseph H. Ostad represents pedestrians who were injured by cars, buses, trucks, and trains.  Whenever a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the possibility of severe, life-threatening injuries always exists.  Even pedestrians fortunate to survive such an encounter may face permanent injuries, such paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, or the loss of a limb.

Traffic accidents kill approximately 5,000 pedestrians every year. Sometimes the culprit behind such a tragedy is a negligent driver. However, even the most careful commuters can unwittingly cause deadly accidents if their vehicle malfunctions. Our law firm is prepared to investigate the cause of your accident and determine the identity of the responsible parties.  Let us seek compensation on your behalf so that your medical bills are covered and your future medical needs and lost wages will be reimbursed.  Whatever the circumstances surrounding your accident, my firm has the resources and experience to help you receive just compensation for your loss and suffering.

I handle accident claims involving Baltimore and Washington, D.C. pedestrians.  Contact me or call 1-800-320-0080 to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options.