Injuries to Minors & Children

[minors photo]Joseph H. Ostad is a Baltimore attorney who handles personal injury cases on behalf of Maryland and Washington, D.C. children.  I recognize that minors are naturally curious and rambunctious, and can suffer serious injuries from the following common hazards:

  • cars and other motor vehicles,
  • playground equipment,
  • toxic household substances, including cleaning chemicals, medicines, plants and lead paint, and
  • swimming pools.

Unlike adults, children cannot file a lawsuit by themselves. Instead, a parent or legal guardian must sue on the child's behalf. If you are concerned by the medical costs you are incurring on behalf of your child, schedule a free consultation with us to discuss how we can obtain compensation to cover your child's medical bills and ongoing care.

If you are a parent, guardian or concerned adult related to a minor who has been severely injured in the Baltimore or Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, I'd like to hear from you. Contact me online or call me at 1-800-320-0080 to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options.