Burn Injuries

[burn photo]Baltimore burn injury lawyer Joseph H. Ostad represents clients who have suffered burn injuries in accidents. Burn damage tissue and may be caused by exposure to fire, heat, caustic chemicals, electricity, or radiation. The most common causes of burn injuries, however, are the following:

  • car accidents,
  • fuel explosions,
  • scalding / hot water,
  • electrocution,
  • industrial accidents,
  • building fires, and
  • candles, matches or lighters.

Burns can cause disfigurement, scarring, and require skin grafts.  In extreme instances, severe burns can even result in shock and death. Infection is also a chief concern following burn injuries because they damage the skin's protective barrier. Consequently, burn patients often require expensive care to survive the long-term physical and mental effects of their burn injuries.

My firm understands the devastating impact that burn injuries have on their victims. Let me help you recover lost wages and medical costs related to your burn injury.

I provide a free consultation to persons in the Baltimore and DC area who have experienced burn injuries.  To review your legal options, contact me online or call me at 1-800-320-0080.