Boating Accidents

[boating photo]Attorney Joseph H. Ostad is a Baltimore boating accident lawyer who handles personal injury cases on behalf of persons hurt while on any watercraft, including privately-owned yachts, ferries, jet skis or water taxis.

Several factors can contribute to boating accidents:

  • driver error,
  • driver inexperience,
  • driving while intoxicated or under the influence,
  • equipment failure, and
  • adverse weather or water conditions.

Under the law, boat operators and boat owners must exercise extreme care while navigating a watercraft. Owners and operators who fail to exercise such care could be held responsible for injuries to passengers in their boat or to others in the waters and vessels around them.

My firm represents clients in the Maryland or DC area who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in a boating collision. If you have been in a boating accident in Baltimore harbor or another nearby body of water, please consider a free consultation from us. Let us discuss the details of your claim and review your available options.

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